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Announcing the 2021 Winners!

Judged Winners: People's Choice:
  • First: Philip Ness - Sunriver, OR
  • Second: Steve Greenberg - Torrence, CA
  • Third: Dave Sattler - West Lafayette, IN
  • Fourth: Dan McConnell - Cashmere, WA
  • Fifth: Kimberly Corey - Bend, OR
Judging: The work was judged in these three categories:

1. Artistic Skill: What is the technical skill of the artist's work?
2. Implied Message: Was the message of the cartoon clear and obvious?
3. Over-All Appeal: Was the cartoon effective?

Scoring: The cartoon's subject should represent a contemporary political, economic and(or) social idea of interest—an "Editorial Cartoon." In each of the three categories, a number from 1 to 5 was determined by our judges, with 1 being lowest and 5 being highest. These numbers were all added up, and the cartoons with the highest numbers were declared the winners. In the case of tie votes, the People's Choice numbers are added to the mix to determine a winner at each level.

Awards: There were four total awards determined by the judges. The five People's Choice awards were determined by Festival atrtendees, who cast votes for their five favorite cartoons. Additionally, due to the fact that the First, Second and Third Place choices of Judged winners were tie votes, the Peoples Choice votes were used to break the tie.

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Meet the 2021 Judges
Senator Lew Frederick   Oregon State Senator Lew Frederick (D-Portland) first took office as an Oregon State Representative on October 30, 2009 during a swearing-in ceremony in the House Chambers of the Oregon Capitol Building. Professionally he is a Strategic Communications Consultant, focusing on Strategic Planning, Community Relations, Science/Technical issues and Media Crisis Communications. With an academic background in biology, theater, and political science, his professional life has included seventeen years as a television reporter at KGW-Channel 8 in Portland, thirteen years as the Director of Public Information for the Portland Public Schools, teacher, actor and ranch-hand.
Dr. David Lewis   Dr. David Lewis, is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, and descendant of the Santiam Kalapuya, Chinook, Molalla, Takelma, and Yoncalla Kalapuya peoples of western Oregon. He is past manager of the Grand Ronde Cultural Resources Department, Chachalu Tribal Museum Curator, and Tribal Historian. David has a PhD in Anthropology from the UO, and was Director of the Southwest Oregon Research Project. David is a professional presenter on the ethnohistories of the tribes of western Oregon, and has published numerous articles about the Tribes of Oregon, many on his blog. David currently lives in Salem with wife Donna, and sons Saghaley and Inatye.
Represenative Rick Lewis   Oregon State Representative Rick Lewis, (R-Silverton) was appointed to the Oregon House after the resignation of Vic Gilliam. Prior to joining the legislature, Lewis served as the Mayor and as the Chief of Police for Silverton. He is a life member of the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police and served as the organization’s President in 1991. In 2005, he took a six month leave of absence from the Silverton Police Department to teach the Executive Leadership Program for the Iraqi Police leadership during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Rick lives in Silverton with his wife of 38 years, Pat.

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